Wayne County Medical Society of Southeast Michigan​

Reactor Panel

  1. Herbert C. Smitherman, Jr, MD, MPH, FACP
    - Michigan Human Trafficking Commission
  2. James E. Blessman, MD, MPH
    - Chair, WCMSSM Committee on Medical & Public Health Issues
  3. Joseph M. Beals, MD
    - Chair, WCMS Foundation
  4. Patricia Petrella Nouhan, MD, FACEP

2017 Rhoades Memorial Lecture

25th Annual WCMS Foundation Francis P. Rhoades, MD Memorial Lecture

Human Trafficking Awareness Education

“Making the Invisible Visible”
premiere showing of human trafficking awareness video

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
6:00-8:00 pm

​Detroit Yacht Club
One Riverbank Road
Belle Isle
Detroit, MI 48207

Health Care Professionals that attend the Rhoades Lecture will have met the human trafficking training requirements for license renewals.

Human Trafficking Requirements Training Standards for identifying victims of human trafficking: R 338.2413 Rule 113 (1) Pursuant to section 16148 of the code, MCL 333.16148, an individual seeking licensure or license shall complete training in identifying victims of human trafficking that meets the following standards:
Training content covers all of the following:

  1. Understanding the types and venues of human trafficking in this state or the United States.
  2. Identifying victims of human trafficking in health care settings.
  3. Identifying the warning signs of human trafficking in health care settings for adults and minors.
  4. Resources for reporting the suspected victims of human trafficking