Wayne County Medical Society of Southeast Michigan 

WCMSSM Alliance

WCMSSM Alliance Annual Report 2017

Submitted by Clara Sumeghy, President

The Alliance mission is “In partnership with physicians, building healthier communities for a better tomorrow”.  With that in mind, the Alliance with the assistance of the Wayne County Medical Society, contributed over 150 bags of supplies to the YMCA Interim House in Detroit.  This is the only domestic violence shelter for women and their children in Detroit.  The Interim House can provide shelter to approximately 90 women and children for a maximum period of three months.

A few months ago, the Alliance suggested that the Society request attendees to their Board and Committee meetings to bring non-prescription, over the counter medications to these meeting to be donated to the Interim House.  So far, we have collected over 11 cases of cold medications and analgesics for children and adults.

Our work now has turned to be advocates for the health of our community. The Michigan State Medical Society and the Michigan State Medical Society Alliance are both members of the Parent’s Information Network (PIN), so by extension the County Medical Societies and Alliances are members of PIN.  As a representative of the State and County Alliance, I attend the PIN monthly meetings in East Lansing.  Their mission is to decrease non-medical immunization waivers for school age children.  There are two HB’s 4425 and 4426 sponsored by State Representative Tom Barrett (Portage) and two SB’s 299 and 300 sponsored by State Senator Patrick Colbeck (Canton) that aim to dismantle Michigan’s progress in decreasing non-medical immunization waivers for school age children.  

The Detroit News has published an editorial on immunization. The link can be found on the MSMS website.  The DHHS has sponsored public immunization awareness through their “I Vaccinate Campaign” advertised on television.  We also thank our physicians that take time out from their practice to promote immunization in the community.  Recently, Dr. Chris Bush was a participant at a Wayne County press conference along with other PIN groups and parents.

Lastly, membership is an important lifeline to all organizations.  We urge you to join the Alliance.  Membership application forms are available on line at the MSMSA webpage and may be filed automatically. We need your financial assistance and call to action alerts responses from time to time.

You are our future.  There are many opportunities for Alliance members to support the family of medicine. Please help me to promote membership in the Wayne County Medical Society Alliance