WCMSSM Alliance Officers

Clara Sumeghy, President
Rita Talamonti, Treasurer


WCMSSM Alliance

WCMSSM Alliance Annual Report 2016
​Clara Sumeghy-Mariona, President

​WCMS Alliance along with the Wayne County Medical Society of Southeast Michigan Foundation received a proclamation from the Wayne County Executive Warren Evans commemorating the 20th anniversary of "Save Day, October 14, 2015”. (Stop America’s Violence Everywhere)

Alliance members supported their spouses in the events that were held by Wayne County Medical Society of Southeast Michigan Foundation. The Alliance contributed $500 to the 30th annual Children’s Holiday Party held in December at the Detroit Science Center. We also gave 5 AMA Alliance Activity Books for each child in attendance: "I Can Be.., I Can Be Healthy, Hands Are Not for Hitting, I Can Choose and I can handle Bullies".

As a member of the WCMSSM Legislative Committee, I attended the early morning Meet-N-Greet with Wayne County Legislators.

The Michigan State Medical Society Alliance held their Annual Meeting concurrently with the MSMS House of Delegates in Dearborn. The Alliance is grateful to Wayne County Medical Society for sponsoring this year’s keynote speaker, Cassie Sobelton, a health and wellness expert, motivational speaker and author of Back to Balance: Crack Your Mind, Body, Spirit Code to Transform Your Health at our Annual Session. Cassie was truly inspiring.

As a representative of the Alliance, I attend the monthly Parent’s Information Networking (PIN) meetings in East Lansing. Their mission is to decrease non-medical immunization waivers for school age children. We are beginning the 2016 public immunization awareness campaign formally known as the “i Vaccinate Campaign”.

Lastly, the Alliance contributed a basket worth $150 for WCMSSM Foundation’s golf outing raffle.So what does the ALLIANCE stand for: we

    Advocate for quality health care
    Legislative awareness
    Lifelong friendship
    Image building for medicine
    Active community participation
    New health education
    Close support for the medical family
    Excellent leadership training

There are a many opportunities for Alliance members to support the family of medicine. Please help me to promote membership in the Wayne County Medical Society Alliance.

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