Wayne County Medical Society of Southeast Michigan 

38th Annual TELLY Awards
Stuck in Traffic- Bronze Winner, "Public Interest/Awareness"

6th Annual ECLIPSE Awards
Stuck in Traffic- Winner, Best Director
Stuck in Traffic- Winner, Best Editor

Stuck in Traffic- Winner & Award of Excellence for Documentary Short




Human trafficking is the 3rd highest international crime. The WCMS Foundation is concerned that in order to make a dent in this crime, the men who buy sex or "Johns" must be made to bear the consequences of their action. 

With this regard, we are raising money for a 50 minute video on "Men Who Buy Sex". We plan to then show this video to Michigan legislature and get a tough law passed that will hold the Johns accountable and hopefully decrease the incidence of human trafficking. 

We are asking the members of WCMSSM to donate to this cause and also encourage outreach to other people and organizations that they know in the community who would be willing to donate to this worthy cause. 

Joseph M. Beals, MD
Chair, WCMS Foundation

​Wayne County Medical Society Foundation

Human Trafficking Education

The WCMS Foundation proudly produced the award winning film "Stuck in Traffic" viewable below. This video is intended to educate youth to become more aware of human trafficking in Michigan. 

To view the educational materials that accompany this video, please click here.