Wayne County Medical Society of Southeast Michigan 

Resolutions Committee
Chair: Clara Hwang, MD

The Resolutions Committee is responsible for reviewing the resolutions written by Society members prior to their submission to The Delegate Body.

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Committee on Legislation and Community Affairs
Chair: Alireza Meysami, MD

The Committee on Legislation and Community Affairs shall act as the liaison with legislative, community and civic groups and organizations to appropriately communicate with such organizations and to foster positive images of medicine and physicians.

Planning Committee
Chair: Charles J. Barone II, MD

The Planning Committee shall develop goals and priorities for The Society including financial requirements.

Medical Education Committee
Chair: Steven E. Minnick, MD

The Medical Education Committee oversees the planning and implementation of the annual and general membership meetings scheduled each year and other special programs as requested from time to time by The Executive Council. The committee also coordinates the Annual Beaumont Lecture, the Rhoades Lecture and oversees the Beaumont Historical Library and other Society related collections.

Committee on Medical and Public Health Issues
Chair: James E. Blessman, MD, MPH
The Committee on Medical and Public Health Issues shall disseminate information affecting the health and general welfare of the public. The committee shall work with the individual medical specialties and will be the liaison committee between the Society and the departments of health and any other governmental organization or group interested in the field of public health.

Young Physicians Committee
Chair: LaTonya Riddle-Jones, MD, MPH

The Young Physicians Committee finds solutions to the challenges and issues relating to physicians who have just entered practice; mentoring new physicians in the medical community; offer guidance progression in organized medicine; and, develop future leaders for the WCMSSM.

Special Recognition
Chair: Edmund M. Barbour, MD
The Wayne County Medical Society of Southeast Michigan presents its annual awards to individuals for outstanding service to the profession and the community. The Society is proud of these awards’ continued and distinguished history. The awards will be presented at the WCMSSM Annual Business Meeting

Peer Review/Ethics Committee
Chair: James H. Sondheimer, MD, FACP

Peer Review/Ethics Committee shall maintain the standards of conduct and discipline of the members. This committee shall have the right to conduct investigations and hearings and make findings of fact and recommendations for discipline. The grounds for discipline and the procedure for discipline of members shall conform to those set forth in the MSMS Bylaws.

Membership Committee
Chair: Aliya Hines, MD, PhD 

The Membership Committee shall use its best efforts to induce every physician in Southeast Michigan in good standing and eligible for membership to become a member of the Society. It shall be the duty of this committee to investigate all new applications, to make periodic review of membership rolls and to make recommendations for appropriate changes

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Peer Review/Medical Care Committee
Chair: Anne M. Nachazel, MD

The Peer Review/Medical Care Committee shall consider written complaints arising from the relationship of members with their patients. It shall attempt to reconcile differences between the profession and their patients in order to foster harmonious relations. The purposes, powers and duties of this committee shall conform to those set forth in the MSMS Bylaws.

Bylaws Committee
Chair: Neelima Thati, MD

The Bylaws Committee shall receive all assignments relative to amendments to the Bylaws and may propose such amendments.

Editorial Board
Chair: T. Jann Caison-Sorey, MD, MBA, DMN Editor

The Society shall have an official publication, which shall contain the advance programs of the Society; reports of officers and committees, notes and comments on the business and work of the Society; general news of local interest and any other matter, which will contribute to making such a medium of communication helpful to the members.